A little bit of History …

Noise Democracy was created in the early 90s, in Rio de Janeiro, by the DJ Edson TS (Fluminense Radio and Kitschnet Night Club). The original goal was to initiate a process of underground electronic music dissemination.

The first step of this initiative was the exclusive distribution in Rio de Janeiro of the Cri du Chat record label from São Paulo. Cri du Chat was responsible to release great Brazilian bands like Simbolo, Morgue, Individual Industry and Aghast View. The Cri du Chat label was owned by Enéas Neto (Fiberonline) and Alexandre Twin (Wave Records).

Another great step, that made the name of Noise Democracy on that times, was the creation of a promotional compilation tape containing a set of international bands. The famous collection of blue cover was released in times that the Internet did not exist, and it gave the opportunity for several people to have the first contact with bands like Calva Y Nada, Necrophilistic Anodyne, Fortification 55 and Advanced Art.

Noise Democracy was also responsible of releasing and distribution for Self & Inhumanoids band demo tapes.

After many years, Noise Democracy returned in a form of a Internet radio program, which was result of a partnership with Joba Records. The idea was presented to DJ Edson TS by DJ Joba. In 2004, in addition to the radio program, Noise Democracy has started also as a party that brought to Rio de Janeiro attractions such as DJ Bruno Kramm (Das Ich) and the French band Trisomie 21. The party only happened due to the strong partnership with J

2K12 News!

Noise Democracy is back to its origins, and returns as Noise Democracy Records, with the original objective of dissemination and distribution of national and international bands of alternative electronic music.

Now Noise Democracy Records is an electronic music label of the well-known Wave Records, owned by Alexandre Twin.

The page is under construction and will soon be updated. Please contact us if you need any additional information.


Stay tuned for news on the releases Noise Democracy and Wave Records are reserving for you this year …